1. My daughter, HARSHITA, is a child with special needs. She started taking Bach Flower Remedies in October, 2005. Her legs were weak and used to tremble all the time. She could not stand properly, at all. Her grip was very weak and she could not hold things for a stretch of time. We supplemented Bach Flower Remedies with physiotherapy and she could stand properly by May, 2006. She took her first step in June, 2006. She walks on her own now. She plays with her toys. She is able to eat by herself. She climbs on her bed all by herself and most important change is that she has stopped having seizures for the last couple of months. She calls Mama and Papa too, now, where as she could never focus or concentrate previously. Mrs. Dhand, Chandigarh.
  2. I was working in the kitchen. It was April, 2008. I had heated oil for cooking, in a wok. It caught fire, suddenly, and I put the work under running tap water. The result was disastrous. All the super unbearable. The doctors I consulted, specialists all, were of little help. Then I started with Bach Flower Remedies for my miserable mental state, shock and depression. The negative thoughts disappeared, soon. I felt better and reconciled to whatever had happened. I have been using the rescue cream regularly, that has made my burn scars disappear. BFR and rescue cream are a blessing for me as I have rejoined the school where I teach small children. I am in the mainstream of life as a normal human being, once again. Mrs. Jaswinder Chandigarh.
  3. My son, Kartik, started behaving in a weird manner in 2001. He started having hallucinations and within moments he would turn aggressive and violent. He had to leave his school. Our world turned topsy-turvy, for he was our only son. We got him examined by a psychiatrist and he diagnosed his condition as schizonphrenia. He was on allopathic medicines for five and a half years and that didn’t help in any manner whatsoever. Then while surfing, one day, I came across the Bach Flower Remedies, got the address of Pritpal Bhatia , a BFRP from the Bach centre site and consulted her. She started with her prescribed remedies immediately. The effects were startling and obvious, immediately. My son is back to normal life as an intelligent and productive member of the society, having beed recharged by the Bach Flower Remedies in the course of one year. S.P. Chadha, New Delhi.
  4. Our family has a history of depression. I went into a state of depression, despite being happily married and with two kids, in 2001. I was financially secure but there was nothing look to forward to in life, it seemed. I continued leading a miserable life till the last year, when I stumbled upon an article on BFR in a newspaper. I consulted the BFRP and started taking the remedies in October, 2007. These remedies worked wonders on my psyche. I lead a normal family life now, happy and contented. My children are brimming with joy, having discovered a father, they never knew and who is fun to be with. I continue my tryst with the remedies. Hitesh Aggarwal, Noida.
  5. My son, Anirudh,  started bed wetting when he was in class 2 , in 2002. We realized that he seemed extremely scared and he was getting nightmares while asleep, too. On probing we found that he was molested by a stranger on his way home, once. We couldn’t get him cured by any doctor. In 2006, we came in touch with Pritpal Bhatia , a BFRP, who was incidentally his teacher too. Anirudh is grown up now and is a perfectly normal happy child. The remedies cured him of his trauma. J.K. Kharbanda, Chandigarh.
  6. I became a drug addict in 2004. I had an unhappy childhood because of adverse family circumstances. My father was rebuking me all the time and I felt miserable. My mother was unable to provide me any emotional support. A haunting feeling of failure because of lack of confidence resulted in my stammering.Meanwhile I got engaged.  My fiancée introduced me to the BFR and took me to Pritpal Bhatia , a BFRP based in Chandigarh. The drops of LSD have given way to drops of remedies. I have done well in my realty business and got married recently. Thanks Dr. Bach and Ms. Bhatia. SAMIR, Ludhiana.
  7. I am a small town boy from Himachal Pradesh. I lost my father in 2003. I went into a state of shock. The thought of taking care of my young sister and mother scared me. I started getting panic attacks. I remained without a job, as I could not clear the interviews. I was tongue tied during interviews . Then I contacted Ms. Bhatia a BFRP in Chandigarh, in 2006. She helped me tremendously . I was taking the remedies for a year and a half. I am employed now and taking care of my family as a responsible man. Hitender Kumar, Hamirpur. H.P.
  8. My sister-in-law got married in 1980 in an extremely well to do family. She was always apprehensive about her ability to adjust in such a rich family. Due to lack of confidence and finesse she could not cope up with her day to day duties as a daughter-in-law. She went into a state of depression in 1983. She was taken to a psychiatrist, who started giving her anti-depressants. She led a sedantry life, because of the anti-depressants. Considering this a slur on their family name, her in-laws kept her condition hidden from the society. When I came to know of the BFR and how these bring a total change in the personality, I decided to bring her to Chandigarh. In 2006, she started her treatment with BFR. It was a slow change in the beginning, but after about one and a half year she looked a new person altogether. She was happy and smiling doing her daily duties and attending parties, even. She is no longer on anti-depressants but takes the BFR regularly. She is normal human being now, like any one of us. Deepika, Amritsar.
  9. I live in Samrala, a small town. I lost everything when the government decided to widen the national highway. My shop, my only source of income, was situated on the national highway and was demolished by the authorities. Left with no other source of income. I didn’t have a penny to take care of my family. I felt completely hopeless so I decided to commit suicide. I jumped in a nearby canal, but a good Samaritan saved me and brought me back home. These thoughts haunted me all the time. I attempted suicide a number of times. Meanwhile my wife read an article in a Punjabi news paper about the BFR. I consulted Ms.Pritpal Bhatia , a BFRP at Chandigarh and started taking the remedies. Within a year, I was feeling confident enough to start my mechanic shop elsewhere and started looking after my family. Iqbal Singh
  10. In 2003, a skin problem occurred on my left foot, which was diagnosed as weeping eczema. I tried every kind of medicine for four years but nothing was effective. The problem will pop up after a few days, again. My sister brought me to Pritpal Bhatia , a BFRP in Chandigarh. After using the rescue cream and taking the BFR orally for a year, my problem has disappeared altogether. Vishawnath, Gurgaon.
  11. My mother, at Hyderabad, is 86 and has been suffering from numerous ailments like asthma, diabetes, hypertension and physical weakness etc. When she visited us at Panchkula, I consulted a BFRP , Ms. Bhatia. She started BFR and her health has improved in all respects after four months. She enjoys a normal life now. Mr. Chatwal, Panchkula.
  12. I am working in  St. Stephens School, Chandigarh as a special educator of the children with special needs. I work in close collaboration with the BFRP , Ms. Pritpal Bhatia here, who happens to be my colleague in the school. We have been working together since 2004. These remedies are simply divine and have been a savior of these divine children during so many difficult situations. Rescue remedy is a Godsend pacifier during the temper tantrums, aggressive behaviour and hyperactivity of the children. BFR help them in altering the behavioural pattern – the children are calm and at peace in the class. Individually, too, every child is taking  BFR for his own particular problem like autism, down syndrome etc. Parents of the children are happy, too, with the positive changes brought about by the BFR in their children’s personalities. Mrs. N.K. Dhillon, Special Educator, St. Stephens School, Chandigarh.
  13. I was a hypochondriac. While listening to someone’s sob story about his disease/sickness, or watching a programme on a particular disease on T.V. I used to start suffering from the same symptoms immediately. The fear of contracting every imaginable existing disease brought on panic attacks. At night the panic attacks were so severe that I often choked during my sleep. I would wake up perspiring profusely and gripped by palpitation. A thorough physical examination was done twice at the two prestigious hospitals – CMC, Ludhiana and PGIMER, Chandigarh. The reports were normal and nothing was found abnormal in me. The fear of being infected by the diseases remained. Suddenly, in 2006, I was introduced to Pritpal Bhatia , the BFRP in Chandigarh. After knowing about the remedies from her, I consulted her about my problem. The mental sickness of mine took only a couple of months to heal with Bach Flower remedies. Fear of diseases and the panic attacks have disappeared altogether. Mrs. Suman Kondal, Mohali.
  14. I am a dentist by profession and a have had a very disturbed childhood. My parents  never had any time for me and my brother and our childhood was spent in various crèches. The resentment and the anger started building up, against my parents, as I grew up. The pent up anger would raise my blood pressure and I would get panic attacks often. The situation turned gloomy and hopeless and I tried committing suicide twice. I used to cry a lot and always blamed my parent for the mess I was in. In September 2006, I approached Pritpal , a BFRP in Chandigarh. I started taking BFR and within a couple of months, my attitude towards my parents and life in general turned totally positive. I started my own clinic in January 2008. I am happy with my life now. Archana Vashisht, Amritsar.