About me

My piece de resistance .
1.    HOLISTIC healing with Bach Flower Remedies.
2.    Healing thro’ ART.
3.    Counselling .
4.    Creativity workshops .

I am Pritpal Bhatia and I became Preeti Bhatia with the love and affection of patients and friends . I am a scientist by profession , a post graduate in Sciences ( M.Sc. Hons. School , Biology ) and had many papers published in various part of the globe . I had had a stint as a Fashion Designer and a poet before my tryst with ART in Greece/Italy where I interpreted poetry through art/painting .

Growing up in an environment of Literature and Arts , was my baptism into a devotee and keen follower of fine arts . I chose the path guided by my parents – helping the poor sick and the Healer in me came to the fore .

The emotional pain due to unresolved issues is responsible for our various diseases . In this fast paced ever changing world , dilemmas overwhelm us – creating a stress that becomes unmanageable . So I did my four levels of Bach Flower Therapy from The Bach Centre , Mount Vernon , Oxfordshire , England . Today I have more than twelve years of worldwide experience of Bach Flower Remedies .

The Bach Centre honoured me by asking me to translate ‘ The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies ‘ by  Dr. Edward Bach , into Hindi and Punjabi . That I dutifully did in 2012 . It was a rewarding experience .

Nature is a predominant factor whether its healing through art , literature and Bach Flower Remedies .  It is a truly Holistic form of emotional healing in which the Positive vibrations from the Flower Essences bring harmony to a person. We heal ourselves by becoming ONE with NATURE .

I have a Professional Diploma in Counselling from Oxford, UK. My counselling style is based on the fact that the desire to be heard and supported is universal. It is an open dialogue, in which a person expresses and communicates whatever is needed to enable his healing for the fulfilment of his personality .

I’ve studied Art in Europe and I’m a firm believer that ART HEALS .

Human beings, adults and children alike, who may not be able to articulate thoughts, sensations, emotions or perceptions, do so in their art work that may be difficult to express with words.
The counselling sessions comprise of establishing a positive attachment, attunement with the person, in which the healer and the patient feel deeply understood and unconditionally accepted.
The journey is a walk together with mutual trust and respect towards a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER you.

My Creativity Workshops are based on the principles of Positivity and Creativity . I taught ART in St. Stephen’s School , Chandigarh  for eighteen years . I used the natural drive of CREATIVITY to build the important life skills of hand-eye coordination , problem solving , creative thinking , independence etc.