Bach Flower Remedies – the essences created from flowers , growing in the wilderness of UK, are the “ Miracle medicines of the Future .” These are gentlest , safest and non addictive . This is the only system in the world which is complementary to every other system of medicine . One wonders ,how few drops of these delicate remedies, can really make a difference .

I’ve been practicing Bach Flower Therapy for the last 15 years and the wondrous results of these remedies never fail to amaze me. There’s a complete changeover of personality – from negative to positive. The balancing of the negativity brings so much positivity to mind, which in turn strengthens ones immune system and the disease disappears.

The Bach Flower Remedies for animals are formulated to help soothe and support horses , dogs , cats , and other pets . Each Bach Flower Remedy deals with a specific state of mind . These states include fear , terror , mental
torture , worry , doubt , over concern , mental / physical fatigue, self distrust, impatience, over enthusiasm, pride, aloofness , stress , anxiety , jealousy, timidity and so on so forth.

The Bach Flower Remedies are essentially gentle and non – toxic.  The fact that these remedies can be used alongside conventional medicine without any reported interactive and adverse events makes them worth considering .
These can help in two ways .

  1. They can be used in the way Dr. Edward Bach originally intended : on their own or to enhance any form of medicine by shifting emotional states to aid recovery or healing.
  2.  The second way they are commonly used is to help with BEHAVIORAL or training problems.

These are most beneficial to animals , for animals have the same temperamental difficulties as we do. Every cat , every dog , in fact every animal is a definite individual , with his/her own characteristics, own personality , so prescribing for them is simple . So reach out for Bach Flower Remedies for these are the cure alls for every negativity – epilepsy , asthma , allergies , aggression , separation anxiety , stressful situations , post operative trauma , depression , jealousy , dominance , timidity , hyper activity , too much barking etc.