Children and magic of Bach Flower Remedies

Children and magic of Bach Flower Remedies

Children and magic of Bach Flower Remedies

A little girl decides to paint a picture of a house for her Mom’s birthday . The little artist already has a house painted in her mind . She puts her idea of a house on to a paper . It is a work of art because it is all her very own , every stroke done out of love for her mother . Even if it looks like a haystack , it is the most perfect house that has ever been painted . It is the most amazing painting because the little artist has painted it with her whole heart and soul . This is health and happiness .

If however , someone came along and said , ‘ why not put a window here , and a door there ? ‘ The child will lose interest in the painting and may become cross , irritated and unhappy . Afraid to refuse suggestions , she begins to hate the picture and perhaps tear it up . The final picture may look like a house but it is an imperfect one , a failure because it is the interpretation of another’s thoughts , not the child’s . This is temporary failure and unhappiness . This is Disease .                 Dr. Edward Bach .

Bringing a child into the world and watching it grow is a gift of life , something to cherish and be thankful for . Bringing up a child is hard work , but it can be enormous fun too . Childhood is a time of continual growth and development . Along with the joy the childhood can bring , it can also be a time of awkwardness , discomfort and insecurity .

Bach flower remedies are there to help the traumas of growing up be that much easier to cope with and thus making the lives of children happier and more peaceful . By addressing the needs of a child early on , the Bach flower remedies help to support a happier , more balanced childhood as well as foster lifelong health and well being . The Bach flower remedies offer a gentle means of relieving negative attitudes and because they are prepared from flowers and trees  , none of which are poisonous , they provide a harmless , non habit forming system of healing .

Bach flower remedies are also helpful for a host of common issues such as hyperactivity , anger , fears / phobias , anxiety , obsessions , concentration and focus , compulsions , learning difficulties , emergencies and first aid , depression , self esteem issue , insomnia , transition and changes , Attention Deficit Disorder .

In fact a study conducted at the Penn State Hershey Medical Centre Found that Bach flower remedies effectively managed the symptoms of ADHD .

The remedies will not wave a magic wand and solve all your problems , but they will help you to cope and stay on top of it all .



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