All children are artists . The problem is how to remain an artist once he or she grows up ?


A couple of years ago , a young man Рpolio stricken since the age of four asked me to join him in a painting session . Which I did . I knew he hardly stepped out of his room . He had never felt the grandeur or otherwise of sunshine or rain . His thrill and joy at being while painting a rainbow was beyond description . The experience was divino , uplifting . One could Live the healing power of the  Art Рa panacea for the soul .

Painting transforms our vision of the world , of ourselves and our situation . Painting is the fusion of the inner self and outer reality . While painting , one determines whether to change the world or to change oneself .

Margaret Naumberg , founder of Art Therapy in the US , believed that children thrive when they are encouraged to express themselves spontaneously through creative expressions and thus find motivation to learn through the subjects that interest them most .

I believe that this expressive therapy is extremely helpful to children with physical and mental problems as this treatment is in a non-verbal mode . The children learn through the Art process to express their inner turmoils in a safe way with an adult to guide . This enables them to overcome their deficiencies .

Children draw because they wish to be like grown ups and in control of themselves . Drawing gives them a sense of mastery over the media , as well as the objects and situations , they represent in their pictures . As a matter of fact , most people of all ages , have the ability to act out what they feel through art . They also have an ability to step out of these activities , to reflect on them and to create new ideas resulting in healing .

The art process becomes a way of ” self healing ” . An act of creation helps children feel better . When they feel better , they perform better in all their endeavours of academic classes as well .

During the art therapy classes , success is not measured by the expertise in drawing , perspective or painting . It is measured by the trust in themselves and in the therapist – whether children or adults , to push past their fears and take chances .

These sessions offer them relaxation in the storm and grounding in chaos . This instills in them a sense of wonder and enchantment – a sense of being creative and artistic

Let every child and adult say , ‘ Even if my art is not perfect , it is my way ‘.




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