RESCUE REMEDY – A bottle of calm in a world gone mad .

RESCUE REMEDY – A bottle of calm in a world gone mad .

Rescue Remedy also known as ‘ Five Flower Remedy ‘ functions as an all purpose emergency remedy in situations of  acute anxiety and distress . It contains a mixture of Star of Bethlehem , Rock Rose , Impatiens , Cherry Plum and Clematis  , to combat fear , panic , shock and fear of losing control .

This Rescue Remedy has very broad usage covering situations such as nervousness , exam stress , general anxiety , hysteria , loss of self control and reviving people who are unconscious ( by dabbing on their lips or pulse points ).

A scientific study has suggested that Rescue Remedy , is an effective stress reliever without any of the known adverse side effects , including addiction . The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Miami School of Nursing in conjunction with The Sirkin Creative Living Centre .


Rescue cream is one of the finest skin creams in the world . It is especially beneficial for external traumas and conditions , such as rashes , chemical burns , cuts sprains , dry skin , diaper rash , burns etc .

Along with the five active ingredients of Rescue Remedy  , it has Crab Apple , too , which has a cleansing effect .

It is an excellent remedy for EVERY skin ailment like acne , pigmentation , eczema , psoriasis , herpes , scabies , skin allergies , bed sores etc .

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