Panacea for “overcare for welfare of others “

Panacea for “overcare for welfare of others “

Our need to feel loved and cared for and to give love and care to others seems to be an innate human quality programmed into our DNA . Feeling loved  and cared for gives us a feeling of security and self worth . Caring for others gives us a sense of  wholeness – it’s an extension of our love .

Many people feel that if they are not worrying and obsessing over things , it must mean that they are not caring enough . Overcare is a common emotional habit that causes us anxiety , worry and stress . Let’s overcome this Fear and Worry with Bach Flower Remedies to create SERENITY .


The ‘ Beech State ‘ is characterised by judgement , intolerance  and being hyper critical of the world and self . This leads to fault finding in others and all around . They find people’s habits and idiosyncrasies annoying because they consider themselves to be perfectionists .

The Beech remedy helps those of this nature to step for a moment into another’s shoes in order to adopt a more understanding and tolerant attitude .


Chicory flower remedy is for persons who are overly demanding and attempt to get attention through negative , manipulative and self centred behaviour .

Particularly in the children , the Chicory pattern manifests as negative attention getting , fussiness and tantrums which pulls on the other members of the family .

Those in need of Chicory flower essence must learn to distinguish between personal emotions and desires , and genuine impersonal love and caring for another . Otherwise, the individual becomes selfish rather than selfless , manipulating the emotions of others for his or her own needs and desires .


This remedy is not made from flowers . It’s from a SACRED underground spring , where the earth forces are concentrated and consecrated . This is for those who have extremely rigid attitude toward life . They suffer from an inability to enjoy life .

This remedy helps such persons to develop more flexibility , especially to be in touch with their feelings .


This remedy is for those who possess strong forces of passionate idealism . They give themselves fully and completely to the cause in which they believe .

Such individuals possess great intensity for a cause . This leads to great physical and mental tension , digestive problems and in extreme cases even a nervous breakdown .

This remedy balances out the intense energy helping them to approach life with more tolerance and moderation and grounded idealism .


Vine flower remedy personality possess a strong will , with considerable power and force for leadership and organisational tasks . These types tend to impose their will on others and are authoritative , domineering and tyrannical .

This remedy helps such persons to acquire true humility , tolerance for the individuality of others and will be able to rejig them to perform selfless service for others .

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