Panacea for Despondency or Despair.

Panacea for Despondency or Despair.

Are you waking up feeling ‘ blah’ ?

Like you don’t want to do anything except lie like a couch potato and watch TV . You not only feel low energy but feel miserable as well . Perhaps you are mad at yourself for not getting the house cleaned or not cooking for the children or not getting your work done and papers filed . Perhaps you are feeling a bit lonely , left out by friends and unsupported by family . You may dwell on mounting bills or the fact that you are 10 to 20 pounds overweight . You may feel aches and pains in your neck and back . Or you may just feel grouchy  and want to remain undisturbed  by life’s demands . You may compare yourself unfavourably to your friend roommate  , cousin or neighbour , who always sees to be on time , well groomed and on tracks to meet her goals . We all have those ‘blah’ days but we have  ‘ The Miracle Medicines of the Future ‘ – the Bach Flower Remedies to help you out of it .


This remedy is a cleansing remedy which helps to bring a sense of inner purity . This is an excellent remedy for ‘ OBSESSIVE  COMPULSIVE  DISORDER’ ( OCD ) , it helps to steady obsessions with perceived imperfections .

Germ phobias , unhealthy focus on fasting and internal cleanliness can be alleviated with crab apple .It’s a great remedy for for every type of Skin Ailments as well as Stomach Ailments .


Unrealistic goals and over perfection can result in fatigue and a feeling of being overwhelmed . Feelings of self- doubt , despondency and loneliness set in .

This is an extremely useful remedy if you are feeling overwhelmed or unprepared for the task in hand . This remedy helps you to keep poised and balanced.


Larch flower remedy helps those individual who suffer from great self -doubt and poor self esteem . They lack in self confidence which constricts their creative expression , and stifle their spontaneity . They are afraid to try anything new or take risk , and therefore do little to grow or evolve .

This remedy helps overcome fear of failure and builds our confidence in verbal expression helping us to voice our needs and hence move ahead in life .

It benefits those persons who have stage fright and suffer from nervousness .


Dr. Bach found the remedy to help us find the balance between work and relaxation . When we are overworked and stressed , Oak helps us to know when ‘enough is enough ‘. and take breaks in order to relax and rejuvenate our bodies and spirit .

The oak personality presses the limits of endurance . These persons are capable of enormous achievement because of their tremendous will power . Oak flower remedy teaches such persons the positive attributes of surrender and acceptance of limitation .


This remedy is for treatment of persons who live with a guilt complex . Guilt can take many forms in the personality , from self blame , self criticism to an actual inability to accept oneself .

Pine flower essence helps with self forgiveness and self acceptance . This encourages an individual to move forward in life rather than stay entangled in self deprecation and emotional paralysis .


This remedy is basically for trauma , after effects of a shock and post traumatic experience , the shock of a serious news , the loss of someone dear and the fright following an accident etc.

It’s deeply soothing and comforting energy brings relief from the most troubling situations .


Dr. Bach discovered this remedy for people who suffer extreme mental anguish , hopeless despair and intense sorrow – when it seems there is nothing but destruction and annihilation left to face .

Sweet Chestnut remedy heals the deepest form of soul anguish and despair – that can be likened to the ‘ dark night of the soul’. It’s an excellent remedy to overcome ‘ drug addiction ‘ and suicidal tendencies.


The Willow flower remedy heals bitterness and resentment . It is for those who tend to ‘ hold on ‘ and become attached to negative emotions . The persons often feel victimised  by the circumstances of life – they feel others are to be blamed for their misfortune and that life has been unfair to them .

The physical body also suffers this stress , tending to manifest as stiff joints , rheumatism , arthritis and other aches and pains .

Willow flower remedy helps to restore a balance in which the self takes more responsibility for its condition , and learns to flow more gently with , rather than against , the flow of life .

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