Panacea for oversensitivity to influences and ideas

Panacea for oversensitivity to influences and ideas

Panacea for oversensitivity to influences and ideas

The healing energy of a flower simply lifts our vibrations and unblock the channels within our minds so that we can approach life more positively . Ill health is like a flight of stairs . The longer and more severe the suffering , the longer and steeper the staircase . But as we take the remedies , we begin to climb one step at a time , until eventually we reach the top . The remedies are there to help and guide us , but true progress – our real healing – comes from within .


The agrimony flower personality appears happy , enthusiastic , popular and seemingly at peace with the world . But in fact there is something troubling the soul . At the heart of such suffering is the secret torment that is hidden not only from the others but also from the self . There may be strong attraction to drugs , alcohol in order to maintain the facade of cheerfulness . This remedy fosters emotional honesty by helping you to work through emotional pain .It’s great for working through addictions and trials .


Persons who need centaury are deficient in strength to say ‘No’ . They are weak willed and act to please others only while neglecting their own needs . These persons are often under the illusion that they are being loving and helpful . Their vulnerability lies in their reliance on pleasing others to receive self-validation .

This remedy gives great strength and integrity to such personalities , helping them to grab greater self awareness and self responsibility . It’s great for healers , givers and caretakers .


Holly flower remedy is an excellent remedy to treat anger , jealousy , envy , suspicion and bitterness . All these traits prevent you from experiencing happiness and also corrupt the ability to love .

This is a very powerful remedy . It nourishes the heart and soul by enhancing the ability to love inclusively and experience universal compassion .


Walnut flower remedy is very important in times of transition in life . It helps the soul to make metamorphic changes smoothly .

This remedy is particularly helpful for those who are greatly influenced by family ties , community or by social conventions  , strong personalities or past habits . These persons are unable to muster enough courage to make a clean break with their past and with the ideas of “others”.

This remedy is a great help in all life transitions including birth and death , moving from one place to another , career changes , and enduring and beginning relationships .

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