PANACEA for insufficient interest in present circumstances.

PANACEA for insufficient interest in present circumstances.

The Bach Flower Remedies are as relevant in the modern times as they were during Dr. Bach’s time.The fear of AIDS / Cancer today is no different to the fear of Diphtheria or smallpox prevalent during Dr. Bach’s lifetime . The remedies treat the mental outlook , the personality trait and the temperament of the sufferer rather than the physical complaint directly .


Chestnut bud flower remedy helps you learn and integrate lessons of life . This helps if you are constantly repeating the same mistakes over and over and not learning from them .

Chestnut Bud flower remedy in particular stimulates the cognitive capacities and the individual is able to grasp the kind of experience at hand completely and rapidly and learn appropriate lessons from it .

This remedy is great for students of any age , for learning anything new such as a new language and learning to play a new instrument etc.


This remedy is for a person who is overly dreamy and lacking a vibrant emotional and physical presence in the here-and-now.Clematis flower remedy  ushers in clarity of consciousness and brings awareness clearly to the present moment. This helps one take more practical action in life .

It helps those who are generally inattentive  or sleepy and might complain of forgetfulness or lack of concentration .Psychics , writers and artists often need this remedy .


This remedy is for the people who live too much in past events , places and relationships . Instead of facing the challenge of change , he/she clings emotionally to a past which seems more appealing .Those in need of this remedy often live in their happier past – which they feel can never return , leaving them with feelings of nostalgia , sadness or regret . Honeysuckle brings about a greater acceptance of the past and hope for the future .


This is a great remedy for overcoming apathy or depression , which like a dark cloud , descends from nowhere. These people withdraw into themselves , feeling separated and isolated from the rest of the world . Mustard helps to dispel the darkness , bringing back light and joy . It is very beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


This remedy relieves extreme physical symptoms of exhaustion and weariness . Basically it is revitalisation through connection with ones inner source of energy . It builds strength and endurance after physical and mental exertion.


This remedy is for an overactive mind which drains the life energy through excessive worry and anxiety . This mental chatter is compulsive and obsessive . Daily events , conversations , or other life episodes are continually replayed and analysed .

This remedy promotes calmness , peace and inner quiet . It is especially useful at night when mental chatter interferes with the ability to relax , wind down and fall asleep .


This remedy is for ambivalence , apathy , resignation and lack of hope – that leads to a loss of interest in life . Losing all hope can be crippling and creates periods of despair and depression .

Wild rose acts to ignite the flame of joy within the person and helps one to take a renewed interest in the world .

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