Life is ‘ change and growth and evolution ‘, which is exhilarating . At the same time change can also be counted as taxing and painful . Change creates new tensions and uncertainties in our lives . Bach Flower Remedies help us embrace uncertainty – a fearsome yet beautiful certainty of life . We’ll find that the world revolves and spins in perfect harmony with our own rhythm .


Cerato flower remedy takes care of lack of confidence and belief in self ; caused by distrusting and by being out of touch with our intuition . These persons constantly seek advice from others . Cerato flower remedy helps them connect to their inner guidance , thus helping them in their ability to take decisions by trusting their own intuition .


Gentian flower essence is for the people who become discouraged and disheartened when problems and the resulting setbacks occur . This leads to a feeling of failure . Gentian flower remedy enhances perseverance , confidence and faith . The optimism it fosters is a panacea for success as one moves towards a goal . It helps the soul to acquire great inner fortitude and unwavering trust in the outcome of life events .


Gorse flower remedy is a powerful remedy for treating pessimism resulting from a complete sense of hopelessness . Hence the name ‘The SUNSHINE REMEDY ‘.

This remedy restores hope to the souls with darkness within , and their outlook on life changes to a brighter , more expectant and joyous one . The life force is nourished by SUNSHINE which leads to the physical as well as emotional healing .

This is also useful for the chronically ill people who feel no hope of recovery .


This is an amazing remedy which helps us recover the ‘Joie de Vivre’ of life .This remedy is for the individuals who lack genuine interest and involvement in their work . This further causes mental and physical exhaustion leading to procrastination.

Hornbeam flower remedy nourishes the mind with renewed strength and vitality so that one may lead life with energy and enthusiasm .


This remedy is for the people who are hesitant , indecisive and confused . These individuals are by nature introverts and prefer a quiet existence . They tend to vacillate while making choices and postpone major , life directing decisions for years at a stretch .

They suffer mood swings , fluctuation between happiness and tears , between gentleness and anger and so on .This remedy helps such souls towards a firm decisiveness and clarity of purpose .


This remedy is for those who feel they’ve come to the cross roads in life and are ignorant of which way to follow . They are the ‘ lost souls ‘ who feel they have not yet found their niche in life and are filled with dissatisfaction . this remedy helps these people to see the way ahead more clearly so as to pursue their true vocation and motive.

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