Panacea for fear

Panacea for fear

Panacea for fear

We tend to enjoy better health , get more out of life and give more to friends and family when we feel complete , positive and happy . Many a times a situation may arise , where we look for some divine intervention – to stay balanced and move forward . That is where the Bach Flower Remedies doctor our being , almost a baptism that creates a positive new being fit to build a brave new world .These divinely enriched herbs and plants and trees are pregnant with power to mercifully heal all types of illnesses and the resulting suffering .

It is the SIMPLICITY and the ALL HEALING power of flowers that is so DIVINE . Behind all diseases lie our fears , our anxieties , our greed , our likes and dislikes and a plethora of negative emotions and sensibilities . We have to seek these out and replace these by healing them so that the disease may leave our body .



The trembling of the leaves of Aspen tree keeps on occurring even if no breeze is blowing . This remedy is for the people who are extremely sensitive and have an over active imagination . This leads to unexplained fears , phobias and anxieties .

Aspen flower remedy makes one more confident and fearless . It is extremely helpful to the children who are over sensitive to unseen and unknown influences , more so for the kids who are scared of the dark , afraid to turn out the lights and have fears of unknown nothings .


It is helpful where there is fear of losing control and becoming erratic , destructive and even suicidal and insane . Cherry Plum flower remedy brings strength and encouragement , thus helping the soul to overcome its extreme tension and fear .





It is one of the most basic remedies for known fears of everyday life , shyness and nervousness . It brings the light of courage and confidence back into such souls , to face the challenges of life . It is great for those who imagine a situation to be more challenging than it really is . It helps in freeing us from anxiety and worry and to face new situations in an ever changing life .




One of the greatest virtues of human soul is caring for others . This caring can cross the boundary of healthy compassion and turn into negative worry and anxiety for others . This remedy is for the obsessive fear and worry for well being , fearful anticipation of problems of others . This worry and concern drain the individual of positive vitality . The greatest of healing gifts , after taking Red Chestnut , is the ability to radiate calm and loving thoughts .




This remedy addresses the soul’s need for courage in extreme situations – extreme fear , terror and panic . Extremely helpful in severe emergency , of life threatening proportions such as a violent attack or a traumatic accident .

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